Grammar Lessons: Pronouns

I’m more than a little pedantic. I want my kids to speak well, but I also don’t want to be unkind about the whole thing (I remember a girl at summer camp whose mother sent back all her letters home with spelling and grammar corrected in red: may I never be that mother). The result is some of our “grammar lessons” sound a bit Dr. Seuss. 

Tommy: Is Anika she? 

Me: Anika is her and she  is Anika. 

Tommy: Is Poppy she? 

Me: Poppy is her and she is Poppy. 

Tommy: Is Nikhil he?

Me: Nikhil is him and he is Nikhil. 

Tommy: And I am he. 

Me: You are you. And I am me. And Tommy is him.   

Tommy: I am he. 

Me: You are you. And I am me. Can you say “I am me”?

Tommy: I am he. And you are you. 

I tried again later…”I am me” seems too weird to him. I’m ignoring the fact that he was almost certainly asking about gender… Usually this conversation ends with a discussion of vulvas and penises, but today it stuck to pronouns. 

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