My Designs

I currently a handful of designs that are more or less complete (meaning I’ve knitted them completely at least once, and have either written up a pattern or taken sufficiently detailed notes that I’ll be able to do so). I’m working on a fifth. I’ll post patterns here once I’m happy enough with them to share!

Argyle’s PJs

Onesie pajamas featuring an Argyle motif around the chest, in honour of my nephew, Argyle. These PJs are worked as a top-down seamless raglan to the waist, then a combination of increases and short rows leave lots of room for a diapered bum. The inner legs are left open, then closed with snaps to make middle-of-the-night changing just a bit easier. Coming soon in sizes from 3 to 24 months.IMG_0702.jpg


A children’s hoodie, with both jacket and pullover directions included. The styling is classic, with a few elegant touches to keep things interesting: linen stitch button bands, simulataneously worked pockets, and a smooth round hood. Available in sizes 6 months to 10 years. Buy now from my Ravelry store.



Brioche stitch mittens with cables flickering back and forth over the hands. Published in the Winter 2015 issue of Knitty (therefore FREE!). Available in small, medium, and large (fits a 18/20.5/23 cm palm).


Sanctuary Moon

Sanctuary Moon is a sideways-knit cabled hat. It’s worked flat with short row shaping for the crown, then grafted for a seamless finish. Fits an average-size woman’s head. Buy now from my Ravelry store.



Warm snug-fitting footed leggings for chilly winter nights. Available in sizes newborn to 1–2 years. Buy now from my Ravelry store.image image

Baby Brownstone

A little sweater with a shawl collar and wide raglan lines. Available in sizes 3 to 24 months. Download now (for FREE) from my Ravelry store.image

Pukohukohu Jacket

A highly textured zippered jacket in bulky wool featuring a funnel collar. Coming soon in size 1–2 years. image


A dress for a baby girl with a pleated skirt, empire waist, and lace bodice. image

Angel Wrap

A cosy sleep sack actually designed for babies to sleep in, with owl cables around the middle. This little sleep sack is shaped so that baby’s arms are up for self-soothing, and fits loosely around the legs to aid healthy hip development. Coming soon in size 3–6 months. image


A girl’s cardigan with a simple wavy motif along the front opening and a cabled yoke. Coming soon in size 9–12 months.


6 thoughts on “My Designs

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  5. Do you have a pattern for the wonderful looking Sanquhar hat as shown with the Pukohukohu Jacket? Will gladly buy it. Also am going to knit your “Chestnut Fire” mittens – which I really like too. My mother is German but she never mentioned roasted chestnuts nor candied nuts but has bought Glu Wine by the case here in the states. Thank you for your designs! .


    • It’s lovely, isn’t it? I wish I could take credit, but I didn’t design or even knit it, it was a gift from a friend of my mother’s. I love exchanging gifts with fellow knitters, especially objects like this one.

      We made Gluehwein a few times, delicious!


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