There are lots of places on the web with patterns for people who want to knit things for boys, it turns out. I’m going to keep a list here of pattern sources as I find them.

Tin Can Knits are two designers with little boys who have produced some truly adorable patterns. One of my favourites is Gramps. They recently did a collection of baby patterns that are all very boy-appropriate, Max & Bodhi’s Wardrobe.

Brooklyn Tweed, Jared Flood’s wool company/design studio publishes an electronic knitting magazine quarterly or thereabouts. In 2014 they did a children’s issue, BT Kids. It’s not all for boys, but most of the designs are at the very least unisex. And the girls’ things are lovely, anyway.

Georgie Hallam is a designer who does an awful lot of very cute kids’ clothing. It’s mostly for girls, but there are several boys’ sweaters and vests.

Julia Stanfield also does cute kids’ knits, including Little Rascals, a collection of boys’ sweaters (well, unisex, really, but honestly, that’s generally true of boys’ patterns, isn’t it?)

Finally, I have a design page on Ravelry. Currently I only have the Baby Brownstone pattern available… Life with little boys keeps me busy enough that it’s hard to find time to write out patterns (and if I’m honest, so does knitting! As in many things, new, shiny projects are more fun than writing about old ones).

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