This blog is devoted to handknitting for little boys. I’m the mother of two, currently ages 10 weeks and almost 2 years. I’m also a compulsive knitter and occasionally a designer. I’ll probably blog about other things on occasion, because I’m a talker, but I’m currently pretty absorbed in life with little boys. And knitting.

You can also find me on Ravelry under the user name rainbowgoblin.

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  1. Hey, thanks for contacting me about the cable design. You’re more than welcome to use it and I can’t really claim that I invented it as I found variations of it from different sources, i.e. Verena, Barbara Walker, Mon Tricot etc…One thing you might try is working an elongated purl stitch right before you work your 8/8 cable and another one right after. This will help those cable stitches stretch across. I never pursued actually knitting up that sweater because it’s too dang hot here in Austin! I can’t wait to see your hat design and please size it for adults, too! Good luck, Mary (MaryMary on Ravelry)


    • Thanks for your reply! It’s going to be a grownup hat for sure. You should plan a vacation somewhere cooler for an excuse to knit it (New Zealand’s nice… )


  2. I love your blog. It reminds me of my step-daughter, who is not a knitter, but who has two, now 14 and 12′ and your blogs reminds me of when they were little. Yours are so cute, and I like that you photograph them even when they are not perfectly ‘poised’. Love your precision with language.


    • Thank you! My mother has a picture of me, probably just over age 1, sitting in the garden with half a cricket hanging out of my mouth. She has often commented that the picture is a testament to the sort of mother she is: rather than trying to stop me from eating a cricket, she grabbed a camera. I love the pictures of my kids fussing or crying (also, I think she was a terrific mother, and experimenting with crickets is just fine).


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