On the subject of Ganseys… 

Gansey Kids / Meg Roke (& A Giveaway!) – http://kelbournewoolens.com/blog/2016/8/gansey-kids-giveaway

This reminds me. I read somewhere that contrary to popular belief, “Gansey” is not derived from “Guernsey”. [1] The story I read was that “garn” is an older spelling (or more likely pronunciation) of “yarn”, so Gansey really means yarnsey. 

The argument goes on to point out that Jersey fishermen also called their traditional sweaters Ganseys. I’ve never been to the Channel Islands, nor have I discussed sweaters with anyone from the area, so I can’t confirm that. Here in New Zealand, they call all sweaters Jerseys (I think… Perhaps just pullovers, though), but I assume that’s totally unrelated. In Canada a Jersey is what you wear to play organised team sports. 

I’d love to hear more about the history of sweater nomenclature, if anyone cares to enlighten me! 

Tommy’s Gansey, still in progress, on the dashboard while we were driving

  1. This may be bullshit, but I’m fond of stories that allegedly contradict conventional wisdom.

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