Great idea for an identity theft scam! 

… Real estate agent. 

OK, when you’re selling or renting out a property, you can do a bit of research and choose a real estate agent you think is trustworthy. But if you’re hunting for a place to rent, you’re sort of stuck dealing with whoever is representing the places you want to rent. And you have to give them a LOT of personal information. I’m not an especially paranoid person, but it’s a lot more than I’m really comfortable with. Given that real estate agents aren’t bonded (not sure if that’s just a Canadian term: they aren’t officially certified trustworthy people) I feel like they shouldn’t legally be allowed to ask for bank account details/driver’s licence/passport number/pay slips, etc, etc, etc. 

Yes. We’re looking for a house/flat to rent. We’re being kicked out of our current house (we haven’t been bad tenants, our owners just want to sell their current home and move back into ours). This is an expensive inconvenience that we don’t really have time or energy for, but now that it’s happening we’ve started to hate our house and can’t wait to move. 

So here’s my thought. You could target a real estate agent and steal their identity. Not their credit card or anything they’d actually ever notice, just their name and a list of a few former clients that you could use as references over the phone. Then start working as a real estate agent, and THEN steal identities from people who fill out rental applications, using addresses that are empty to send credit cards, etc, to. It’s a good plan, no? 

Maybe I’m just cranky because we’ve now been stood up by two separate real estate agents (not to mention the many more who don’t seem to answer the phone or reply to email… If they’re running identity theft rings, they aren’t trying hard enough). 

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