Trendy knits: The Gansey

Has anyone noticed this? Over the last year I’ve seen Ganseys everywhere. OK, I might be greatly exaggerating, because when I looked back to see if I was completely making that up, I could only really remember two examples. Do two influential knitwear designers count as a trend? Probably not. But anyway. Courtney Kelley of Kelbourne Woolens designed the beautiful Seascale, which actually out-Ganseys the traditional Gansey, with a little short row shaping around the sleeve cap and the newly-invented Channel Island bind off (of which I’m a huge fan… I’ve been looking for excuses to use it in everything since she blogged about it). 

And Brooklyn Tweed did a whole Gansey collection a little while ago. Not exactly full-on traditional designs, but Gansey-inspired sweaters. 

A first draft sketch (and notes) for Tommy’s Gansey

I like old school knitting that involves a lot of rules. Actually, I’m generally a fan of rules, particularly where creative endeavours are involved. I like the way that creativity becomes troubleshooting when arbitrary limits are imposed. I want to knit a Gansey! And it’s cold out, and Tommy needs more sweaters (in part because toilet training is going so poorly. ‘Nough said.)

Yarn for the Gansey. It’s Vintage Purls Sock base, but I dyed it myself: it was one of my first attempts, and not what I intended at all, a sort of eggplant with bits of greeny blue.

Unfortunately I have three other active projects on the go (not to mention the many on hold, and the patterns I should really write up). But I want to do all the knitting at once! But no. I’ll finish one thing first. And then Tommy will get a full on traditional Gansey (with Channel Island bind off. Because I can’t resist). 

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