This blanket is very heavy

The blanket, and my boys. Also, zombie bedding from Etsy.

Also, the winter light is terrible, and my kids wouldn’t stop playing with the lights (I didn’t actually tell them to stop). Oh, and no, Tommy isn’t wearing any pants. I tried to avoid getting any dong in the picture. 

I’ve been meaning to post pictures of my silly blanket for a couple weeks, but our health problems continued, with a case of mastitis as soon as Tommy got his cast off (my boob, not his). This was my fifth case, so it’s old hat at this point. Actually, it’s pretty horrifying. It took me out completely for a couple days, and I felt pretty lousy for the following week, until I finished my antibiotics, at which point I spent the next three days convinced it was coming back (I actually saw a doctor unnecessarily a second time… I have to be bullied into seeing a doctor when I actually need one most of the time). 

Poor Tommy. I had promised him we could all go swimming when he got his cast off, but I didn’t actually get to the pool until today, almost 3 weeks after. Steffen had taken him twice in the interim, though, so he didn’t suffer too much. 

Toilet training was completely detailed by the broken leg. I can now say with authority that Pull-Ups negatively impacted our toilet training efforts. OK, I’m completely biased by my own ideology here. But while he was using Pull-Ups (we couldn’t get cloth training pants over the cast) Tommy got way more comfortable peeing in his pants. He doesn’t seem to know when he has to go anymore, it’s really weird. We tried to keep his pants off as much as possible this weekend (as you can see above… Steffen was trying to wrestle him into training pants to go to the pool), and at this point he’s starting to catch himself when he starts peeing, but usually not before. 

A closeup from when the blanket was about half done (coffee mug for scale). The blanket was too wide for my needles. Oops.

So this weekend sort of felt like life is starting to get back to normal. Our health is generally ok (ish), we got our major chores done, and the kids went to bed happy. I even made pancakes for breakfast (which the kids won’t eat: Miso had a few bites, but he’s on an anti-blueberry kick, and Tommy looked at them and proclaimed them “yucky”). They were delicious: buttermilk, cornmeal, blueberries, and Canadian maple syrup my mum brought us a year and a half ago (clearly we need to make pancakes more often. We also have a waffle iron gathering dust). 

Is life feeling more manageable? Not really. But I’m feeling a little better about that. Today, anyway. 

5 thoughts on “This blanket is very heavy

  1. At least all the shitty stuff is happening in winter.. karma means you will have a wonderful summer :p Really sucks about the mastitis though.. ow!


    • I hope you’re right! I think I might be done with breastfeeding, anyway, so probably no more mastitis. It’s not like I was weaning too quickly or anything, I just got a cold and then got an infection (I had my bellybutton pierced in my 20s and eventually had to take it out because it would get infected every time I got sick… I guess it’s just how my body works, or doesn’t work).

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  2. The blanket is great! I’m glad I indirectly peer-pressured you into posting, but I can see the quiet was based on life being life and not a lack of interest in blogging. I’m sorry about the various health issues, and booo antibiotics, which always make me feel worse than whatever I’m taking them for (notable exception: strep throat).


    • I hope you never discover this, but they make you feel a whole lot better with mastitis, too. Three of my three cases were effectively dealt with without resorting to antibiotics (all three were in early days with Miso, my milk supply was very high). You definitely get peer pressure credit on this one!


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