All the knitting at once!

I haven’t written in a bit. I’ve had lots of visitors: my parents, who are divorced, each came to visit separately, and my brother and his family were here in between. We’ve pretty much constantly had visitors since the beginning of November. With the exception of my dad, no one actually stayed in our house (it was much too small for him, even… two bedrooms for me, Steffen, and the two boys, with Dad on the couch in our small, cluttered-with-toys-and-books living room), but it still definitely meant that I’ve had less time generally for everything.

Other things that have been consuming time: finishing a pattern (Argyle’s PJs), resubmitting a pattern to Knitty, and interviewing for a job that doesn’t exist. That’s one of those remarks that can be hard to interpret, so I’ll clarify: there’s this dream job that I want. The company isn’t hiring at the moment, but I sent them my CV anyway, and they interviewed me. Twice. But, you know, they aren’t hiring… just now. This is my gently passive-aggressive (read: Canadian) way of making them hire me anyway.

Finally, I’m knitting a lot, and I want to be knitting more! I want to knit it all! All at once! I like to think I’m a process-driven knitter, but if I’m honest I’m far too Type A to be a process-driven anything. It’s about the goals. I love knitting as a process, which makes it easier to frog something and set a new goal, but it’s always about a goal. So, the goals for the year:

  1. Reknit those three projects that I originally just planned to frog this year, but then ended up frogging before Christmas. One is basically done. I’m impatient to start the others. I also want to knit Ysolda Teague’s Vivian, which I’ve wanted to make for ages, but I realised I have some homespun (bought from Trademe, I’m not a spinner) that would be perfect for it.
  2. Knit a sweater that I actually like! On me. I made one once. I want to make another. I have high hopes for each of those projects mentioned in point 1.
  3. The photography thing… I need to learn to take fashion photos, and generally better pictures of my knitting. I’ve been experimenting with Steffen’s DSLR. I think we might need to get a new lens (I have a list of things I want to buy/do once I have a job. This is on it).
  4. Get a job. Yeah. It’s time.

I feel like I can do all of these things this year. With the exception of point 2, and maybe point 4, I feel like I’m definitely on my way to accomplishing everything. And I may have accomplished point 2, I haven’t decided yet. I’ll be posting soon about a top I designed and knitted in the last few weeks that I might end up liking, but it’s too soon to say.


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