Knitty again

… maybe. I submitted the shorts design I’ve mentioned here to Knitty a couple weeks back. The response was interesting: they liked the shorts but not the pictures. I’d say I suck at photography, but actually my brother took the pictures, and he definitely does not suck at photography. He’s more of a portrait photographer, mind you. So actually, I think fashion photography is just really hard. Also modelling for fashion photography. My sister-in-law makes clothes look amazing, but found posing for pictures very awkward.


An outtake from Photo Shoot, Take 2 (cropped so I don’t get in trouble for publishing my design before Knitty does, in case they DO accept it)

Anyway, so we did a second photo shoot, and I sent the pictures off yesterday, and haven’t heard anything, so now I’m nervous about being rejected. Which I totally wasn’t until my design was maybe almost accepted. Bah. Stupid hope, making me anxious.

Since I accomplished my 2016 resolution before Christmas (which I thought I had blogged about, but apparently not… Wonder if I accidentally deleted a post) perhaps I should re-resolve to learn fashion photography better.


Frogged projects: a picture from my maybe-deleted/maybe-imaginary post



Beautiful wool, reskeined (another picture from the missing post)


3 thoughts on “Knitty again

  1. I am interested to see what knit shorts look like, I’m having a hard time picturing them.
    Also, I have seen the reskeined photo before.. but not the balled wool post-frogging. So your missing post is a mystery to me!


    • As it turns out, I just wrote about my frogging enthusiasm at the tail end of an unrelated post (about the hoodie pattern). If I didn’t do freaking everything on my phone I’m sure I wouldn’t have been confused. As it is, the date stamps on the pictures and the post I uploaded them for made things clear. Also, I think I need more sleep.


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