I’m swatching for a pair of shorts I’m working on. If the shorts turn out well, I’m planning to submit them to the Knitty summer issue, but we’ll have to see (my main concern is that I’m making them for my sister-in-law, who lives in Canada, so I can’t try them on her and reassure myself that they’ll actually fit her).

Anyway, the shorts in my head have a lace wedge in the outer thigh, and although I’ve knitted a lot of lace I’ve never designed any. I wasn’t really sure I could. The lacework I’ve liked best (both for the process and the end result) is Estonian lace, so I’ve been playing around with some of the common Estonian elements. After a few false starts, I began with two star flowers[1], then kept going (with a significant unpicking along the way) until I had a swatch I liked… Which looked like strawberries!


Estonian strawberries

And on the subject of strawberries (bear with me, I’ll get back to knitting), we’re just starting to get berries off our plants.


An actual strawberry

We had put some netting up to keep the birds off, but the snails and slugs are unexpectedly much less of a problem than they were last year, when we had our strawberry patch in front of our house.


The strawberry patch

Unfortunately, the snails and slugs seem to like the chili plants we put in the old strawberry patch as much as they liked the strawberries, and have taken out one jalapeño and possibly one Bhut Jolokia.


A slug-nibbled but still healthy Bhut Jolokia, surrounded by scary snail/slug bait.

Which brings me back to knitting. I wanted to call the shorts Jolokia, because, you know, they’re hot[2]. With this strawberry lace, I have to call them Strawberry Shortcake.

  1. “Star flowers” might not be the right name. The motif I mean is featured prominently in the lovely Echo Flower shawl
  2. I hope they will be, anyway. My sister-in-law is hot, regardless, despite the fact that she had a baby recently, so she deserves sexy handknit shorts.

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