Sneak Peak: Cardamom hoodies

I’ve been slowly, slowly working on a pattern for a kids’ hoodie. Slowly because my dad has been visiting for the last few weeks, which has cut into productive time more than I feel it should (in the sense that I’m not sure where the time has gone, rather than that I resent missing the productivity), but also because this pattern is a lot of work, much more than I anticipated. It turns out that 9 sizes and two different front options works out to a lot of pattern to write.

Anyway, I feel like the end is in sight, and now that I’ve knitted a couple samples and my kids’ noses were mercifully un-snotty for a short while, I thought I’d take the opportunity to do a little photo shoot. At which point the camera battery died. And then my dad, who apparently didn’t understand that “photo shoot” meant I was taking pictures for an actual purpose, decided to photo bomb every shot where the kids were cooperating for more than 2 seconds.

But well. My phone (replacement for the very good camera with the untimely dead battery) does this thing where it makes random video compilations of pictures I take, set to inspiring music and with artful filters and transitions. I’m not sure which app is responsible or how to control it, but since the pictures on my phone are nearly all of either my kids or my knitting, I’m generally quite happy when I watch these videos (usually after the kids are asleep… The inspiring music helps too, I’m embarrassed to admit).

So, as a sneak peak of the hoodie pattern I’ll be distributing imminently, here’s the latest of my phone’s random video compilations. There are some fun outtakes featured: Miso complaining about some aggressive cuddles, Tommy about to burst into tears when I made him put up the hood, and the two of them sort of wrestling. Also, you can’t tell, but I think there’s a shot of Tommy seconds before he toppled off his climber and whacked his head because I was looking at him through my phone and not actually at him. Oops. He’s such a tough kid, he cried for maybe 20 seconds then asked me to put him down so he could play with his fire truck.


5 thoughts on “Sneak Peak: Cardamom hoodies

    • It seems totally random. Sometimes it’s a month, sometimes a week, sometimes an arbitrary number of days (“three days in June”). It’s a strange but lovely feature. It’s definitely an app that came with the phone: I have an Xperia Z3 Compact, it came loaded with all sorts of photo apps.


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