2016: Year of the Frog?

It’s a little early for New Year’s resolutions. And actually, I never make New Year’s resolutions (aka promises made out of a misplaced sense of obligation that you have no intention of keeping). But I have a resolution that I fully intend to keep in 2016: I’m going to frog some projects that I hate. Two are completed garments, so I’m not sure if that counts as frogging, but I’m going to unknit them, and possibly reknit them (I’ll certainly reknit them eventually, but possibly not all of them in 2016).

This is mostly because I’ve always meant to frog these projects, but I was really inspired by a blog post by Renee of East London Knit, in which she displayed pictures of beautifully dyed yarn that she’d recovered from some hated garments. This is what I need to do! I thought. Minus the dyeing, because my yarn is already beautifully dyed. Just currently tied up in terrible, horrible, hated garments.

Hated Project #1: The Camisole


Pattern: Inamorata, by Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark
Yarn: Malabrigo Sock, in Aguas (contrasting colour is Botticelli Red)

I knitted this when I was pregnant with Miso, and just had no idea what my non-pregnant size was. Also, I was too lazy to just measure a garment that had fit before I was pregnant. My boys are only 18 months apart, so I was still nursing Tommy when I got pregnant, and since I’m now still nursing Miso I don’t actually know what my normal boob size is anymore, but this camisole is nowhere near the right size. But I really like the design, so I’m going to rip the whole thing out and knit it again.

Hated Project #2: The Coat


Pattern: Woodgrain Duo, from Knitter’s Magazine
Yarn: Sanguine Gryphon Traveller, in Rios

This was just an ill-conceived idea. I liked the cardigan, but wanted to make a longer sort of coat, and it just didn’t work. Really, I think it mostly just didn’t work for my body shape, but it’s possible that the dip stitch/garter stitch panels were just too heavy when I made them longer and it would have been horrible and unflattering on anyone. Whatever the actual source of the problem, it’s got to go. Unfortunately, I knitted the whole thing with two strands of yarn held together, so it’ll be a nasty bit of work to pull them apart. Maybe I just won’t: I’d still very much like to knit myself a coat, and I have enough of this yarn to do it with two strands held together, obviously, so maybe that’s just what I’ll do.

Hated Project #3: The Hoodie


Pattern: None, really. Cables from CPH Viking Version, by Lisa Kay
Yarn: Sanguine Gryphon Free Range, in Sebright

I mentioned this one in passing when I was writing about hood shapes a few weeks ago. I loved the cables, but for some reason didn’t want to follow the Central Park Hoodie pattern, so I just made up my own as I went along. I was going through this phase where I didn’t think I needed patterns, but actually hadn’t figured out how to construct a sweater yet. So the sleeves are too long and too tight, there are too many buttons, the body is both a little too small and a lot too short. Overall a disaster. I think I don’t have enough of this wool to knit another hoodie that actually fits, so I’ll have to think about what I’d like to make with the yarn once I’ve frogged it. But I’ll feel much better once it is no more.


3 thoughts on “2016: Year of the Frog?

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