To fudge or not to fudge?

How far will you go to fix a mistake in your knitting? Presumably it depends on how bad the mistake is, but probably also how much you enjoyed knitting the project, and how much of hurry you’re in to finish it.

I tend to err on the side of fixing mistakes. This is partly because I’m more than a little OCD about, we’ll, everything. Mistakes will bug me later, even if I truly believe no one but me notices them. I’ve actually been known to fix mistakes in other people’s finished objects (sorry, Mom).

But the main reason I fix mistakes has to do with my knitting philosophy: I’m a process-driven knitter. I don’t knit so much to produce knitted objects, I knit to knit. So if I need to rip out a whole lot and do it again properly, what does it matter? I’ll enjoy knitting it a second time.

The dilemma, of course, comes when I haven’t really enjoyed knitting the project the first time around. Or when fixing mistake involves ripping out a heartbreaking amount of work.


These pockets don't match! Arrrrrgggg!

So here’s the current situation. I’ve nearly finished Tommy’s jacket, at long last. I haven’t hated knitting it, but the front was a bit fussy, with all the short rows to match different row gauges. I definitely will not be writing out a pattern, because it would be a bit of a nightmare. And now I’ve stitched the sleeves in, which I actually do kind of hate doing, and discovered that I somehow made a rather large mistake: I made the right pocket four rows higher than the left.

What to do? What would you do? I started writing this post to whine about the situation because I couldn’t imagine ripping back so much work. But I have to admit, I’m now leaning towards doing it (though having to undo the seam will be a bit painful). It really is about the process. I might give it a few days so I can come to terms with it, though.


5 thoughts on “To fudge or not to fudge?

  1. I would banish it to a shelf and think bitter thoughts at it until I forget its even there and find it a few years later when its too small for whoever it was knitted for and rip it all out and make something else. But if I can’t fix it without minimal effort I’ll try my hardest to ignore it.


  2. Don’t bother! Honestly I didn’t notice at all till you pointed it out and it’s still a beautiful jacket. He’ll probably be moving around most of the time he’s wearing it and kids only fit things for such a short period.


    • That’s true… I can also weave the two sides of the pocket together a bit and hide it more. But it might still bug me too much. And anyway, it won’t fit until next winter, so I have a bit of time to decide.

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  3. Just tell Tommy that he has one pocket for big rocks to carry around, and one pocket for smaller rocks. 🙂
    I wouldn’t fix it, but would idly notice the mismatch every day Tommy wore it, so it’s up to you as to which is more annoying in the end.


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