Introducing Sanctuary Moon

OK… For those who’ve been paying attention, remember how I mentioned maybe 6 weeks back that I was hoping to get my shit together and submit a design to Knitty? Well, I did. I even got it in a couple days before the September 1st deadline.

My plan, as I said at the time was that if I ever managed to get a design published, I’d somehow madly scramble to write up a handful of patterns for some other designs so that the brief uptick in interest in my Ravelry profile that publication will (hopefully) generate will result in a few pattern sales. For which the existence of patterns for sale is a prerequisite. Is anyone following?

No matter. The point is, not only did I finish and submit my design, Knitty accepted it. Oh yes. I’m a bona fide knitware designer now. For realz. I’m a little stunned.

So now I have a deadline, and I work well with deadlines. I’m good and Type A like that (hence this invented pseudo career as a knitter because I don’t have a proper goal-oriented career at the moment[1]). I’m actually not sure what the deadline is, exactly[2], but I have one, so the scramble to finish some patterns is on. I’m aiming for four.

My little Sanctuary Moon, sitting on a bench

My little Sanctuary Moon, sitting on a bench

And one is finished. Sanctuary Moon[3] is a sideways-knit hat with a supersized braided cable around the body. The crown is shaped using Japanese short rows. The final row of live stitches is grafted to the cast on edge using a modified Kitchener stitch to create a seamless join. The hem is finished with a few rows of reverse stocking stitch that curls under just a little.

Tommy's first time in a tree.

Tommy’s first time in a tree.

Sanctuary Moon is available for purchase now on Ravelry. Soon to be joined by three or four friends whose identities will be revealed here soon (before December, anyway, when Knitty goes live. See? Now I know what the deadline is.

The cables. Supersized.

The cables. Supersized.

  1. Must do something about that one of these days.
  2. Must do something about that too. One of these days.
  3. Aka The Forest Moon, aka Endor. Think Princess Leia.

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