The parsley tree

I’m not much of a gardener. My mother is a terrific gardener, so I experience significant guilt and regret over my lack of gardening ability. And our current house has a very good-sized yard, so we definitely have space to grow things.


Green onions and chives

We’ve been here since just before Tommy was born, but for the last two years I’ve either been pregnant or had a new baby, so gardening has been limited to buying whatever seedlings were left at the last minute.


Tommy, holding a random weed under his chin like a buttercup

This year, though, I have seeds! Lots and lots of seeds. So far I’ve planted chives, green onions, herbs, tomatillos, and chilis! Six different kinds of chilis, and after a couple days in the hot water cabinet, they seem to be growing! Most of them, anyway… I have serranos, jalapeños, anchos, mulatos, and habaneros.


Tiny baby chili seedlings

The one chili that hasn’t germinated yet is the Bhut Jolokia, which apparently takes a long time, sometimes months. And I’m not sure what I’ll do if it does. This is the infamous ghost chili, I believe it’s the hottest known chili. This is not something that’s actually practical to eat. We offered any seedlings we get to a friend who’s a serious chili head, and he declined, referring to them as “weaponised chilis”.


Strawberries, transplanted into the garden Steffen built us a couple months back

I bought them by mistake (sort of… I had heard of ghost chilis, but didn’t realise they were also called Bhut Jolokia. I just thought the name was cool). I can’t plant them in the garden, what if Tommy or Miso took a bite?


Our feijoa tree, "pruned" a month or so ago, much to Tommy's delight (men were here with a truck! And a chipper! ) I'm told it will grow back.

So if anyone in Auckland is interested, I may have ridiculously hot chilis to give away. And I definitely have leftover seeds, which I’d happily mail to anyone in NZ.


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