A Hat for People Who Hate Small Circumference Knitting*

*which I don’t, really, but after trying alternative methods (magic loop, two circulars), I had to come out as strictly a DPN girl.

So I had this idea for a hat knit entirely sideways, using short rows for the crown shaping. I wanted to do some kind of cabling on the sides, and for some reason when I did a Google image search for “Barbara Walker mock  cables” I found this blog post. Not exactly mock cables. But I love them!

So I came up with a design, tried plotting it out on Stitch Maps, and off I went. I should have paid more attention to the shape that Stitch Maps produced, however, because the result wasn’t quite right. It worked, sort of, but the hat had a funny sort of nipple on top, which wasn’t what I was going for.

So I ripped it all out. Fortunately I was using Sweet Georgia worsted, which is tightly spun enough to withstand the abuse. Now I’ve modified my Stitch Maps design, and knitted a proper swatch. It looks like it could be 16 of a hat, right? I hope so, anyway.


The swatch, next to a hat from a conference for scale.

Now I need to figure out what to do for edging… Maybe just a few rounds of reverse stocking stitch, or perhaps sand stitch, which curls under in a similar way.


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