Boys in drag!

I’m finishing up most of the Year of the Baby projects. I have one left to go, but realised a couple weeks ago that the baby in question is due roughly now, and not in a month or more, as I had assumed (there are two other babies due late August/early September, and my own babies have destroyed my memory). Oh, and this baby is in Germany. So I’ve blown the obvious deadline, and I’ll finish the project when I finish it (i.e. sometime after the wool I ordered arrives… Apparently something is up with Cascade 220 in charcoal grey, it’s been back ordered for ages).


Miso in drag

Today I finished a girly project. I made Miso model it, because I long ago stopped even asking people to take pictures of themselves/their children wearing whatever I knit them… Even fellow knitters and Ravelry users rarely got around to it. I remembered as I was dressing Miso up that I once got Tommy to model the Oriental Lily I made for a friend’s baby girl. I dearly hope that I’m not traumatising my kids by dressing them in girls’ clothes. I remember reading a letter in an Ann Landers column written by a man whose mother had dressed him as a girl and called him Suzy Q until he was a teenager. That won’t be me, I swear!

This little cardigan is long in the body and arms for Miso, and rightly so: it’s meant to fit a 12-month-old (that is, it’s meant to fit a baby who’s currently 3 weeks old in a year or so). It does, however, have only a little room to spare around his tummy. He’s a very chubby boy these days. He kept trying to eat my hands while I was putting the cardi on him, too.

Other projects completed in the last few days include an “angel wrap” (my design), monster longies, and a pair of Jared Flood’s Grove mittens modified to fit Tommy. I’m very much looking forward to starting something new!


5 thoughts on “Boys in drag!

    • It’s definitely pink. And I think the wavy lines and the cables are definitely girly. I’m sure you’re right, he’s just happy to have something to put in his mouth (sleeves or fingers, it doesn’t make much difference). That Ann Landers column just left an impression!


  1. Miso wears it well! I think a cardigan like that would totally slot into Prince George’s wardrobe – his has quite a few of those old fashioned feminine details (smocking etc). Suzy Q – haha what a strange story?!


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