Scattered thoughts

Before I had kids, I would sometimes spend a whole day knitting. Usually I’d do this in winter, and usually only on weekends, and my fingers would ache afterwards (particularly if I was knitting socks, or something else at a tight gauge). I still manage to knit enough to give myself eczema (I’m not kidding), but I can’t just knit more and sleep less if I’m in a hurry to finish a project.

I’m currently somewhat frantically working on Argyle’s blanket[1]. I’m not sure that I need to be anxious about finishing it before Argyle is born, but I have to send it to Canada, and I’ve had enough trouble with the postal service[2] that I’m kind of in a hurry. It’s taking a lot longer than I expected, too, because I somehow have way more yarn than I needed for the pattern, so I’m doing a lot more repeats (I’m using a different yarn weight, which I’m aware messes up the predicted yarn requirement, but this is crazy… I have about twice as much yarn as I thought I’d need).

And life is busy, even though I don’t have a job, because I keep distracting myself with new projects. A few weeks ago I signed up for an online pattern-writing course, thinking I’d have plenty of time, since I’d just submitted the final corrections for the last two papers of my academic career. But then thinking about writing patterns made me think about monetizing my knitting, which made me start this blog. And then I thought about writing knitting software, all of which made me look into registering my own domain ([3]). So now I’m thinking of making my software web-based, which would be fun, and would make it easy to add features as I come up with them.

The other thing that’s time-consuming is breastfeeding. Miso seems to be going through one growth spurt after another. He’s currently 3 months old, and he’s the same size Tommy was at 4 months. I’m also donating breastmilk[4], which isn’t normally particularly time-consuming, but whenever Miso feeds more, it takes longer to pump.

So those are my scattered thoughts about my strangely busy life of leisure. I miss having a job, but I think I’ll manage to keep busy if I ever retire (many, many years after I start working again, which is currently planned for February 2016).

  1. My brother’s baby’s fetus nickname is Argyle. It’s not entirely clear whether they’re actually going to name him Argyle (legally), but I think they probably will.
  2. This will no doubt be the subject of another post. Postal systems are generally reliable, with the exception of Canada/New Zealand in combination. Sending things to Canada doesn’t seem to be a problem, though, it’s just getting things here from Canada that’s inexplicably slow.
  3. Don’t bother checking it out, there’s nothing there yet. I was a little surprised I could get .com, I figured the .com for anything you can come up with is probably already taken. My husband says this is because boyknits sounds vaguely sexually predatory. I’m hoping he’s wrong… Does everything with the word “boy” in it just sound wrong? I thought boyknits was innocent and obvious enough to be taken by someone else, now I’m a little worried.
  4. This is something more women with good supply should do for reasons that aren’t purely altruistic, and I’ll write a post about it soon.

2 thoughts on “Scattered thoughts

  1. I bought the domain names for my new lab last week! It was surprising to me that “the[mylastname]” and .ca were free! I figured I’d have to buy them off some domain name troll.
    I think boyknits is not vaguely sexually predatory. I don’t think knitting has any connotations in that direction whatsoever.


    • Thanks, that’s a relief. I have and as well, because almost all the Leigh domains are gone. That’s ok, though, I’m happy with those.


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