Good thing I’m a knitter

I’m happy I have two boys. Really. A few days ago, I wrote a post about how much cuter clothes for girls are. This is just a quick follow up.

I just learned that one of my pregnant friends blogs about sewing. Before we both got pregnant with our respective second children, we both had boys, and bonded over the fact that it just wasn’t as much fun to make clothes for them as it would be if we had girls.

Her latest post features several incredibly cute dresses. They’re truly amazing.

They almost make me a little wistful about not having a daughter (I have no intention of having more than). But the thing is, I’ve never seen knitting patterns as cute as those dresses, and I’m not very good at sewing. So if I did have a girl, I’d never make anything that cute.

I’ll have to come up with something super adorable to knit for that baby, though.


One thought on “Good thing I’m a knitter

  1. Hehe Jess, I feel like I’m just getting started on the girly sewing… poor Harry! Those little purple + blue footed trousers you’ve made are just beautiful.


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