The year of the baby

If you invite me to your baby shower, you will receive something I’ve knitted. Although this is a new rule for me, there are very few baby showers I’ve attended where I haven’t given a handknit gift.

I bring this up because I recently went to a baby shower for an acquaintance who I probably wouldn’t have knitted anything for otherwise. I also have five good friends or family members who are having or have already had babies[1] this year, all of whom are good enough friends that I will knit things for their babies. I also had a baby of my own in March, and I have a toddler who needs a new winter wardrobe (I live in the southern hemisphere).

That’s a lot of knitting. It’s no wonder I haven’t managed to finish the socks for my husband I started a year ago. Fortunately, three of these babies are girls, and clothes for girls are more fun. So I can enjoy knitting for baby girls without actually having to parent actual girls[2].

Allow me to go off on a tangent here. We recently watched the TV series Garfunkel and Oates, starring the excellent musical comedy duo of the same name. There was an episode about pregnancy (featuring the song Pregnant Women Are Smug… Look it up on YouTube. Now.) where G&O go to a baby shower and get told off for buying a 2-year-old size outfit. Which is where we get back on topic.

My experience has been that when you have a baby, everyone gives you clothing somewhere in the newborn to 6 month range. Real parents would never be upset to get larger clothes.

So I’ll finish knitting for the 2015 babies whenever I finish, making somewhat bigger baby clothes, and taking breaks to knit Tommy new sweaters and leggings as necessary.

  1. It feels like there are just generally a lot more pregnant women around me than usual. It’s not that I’m just at that age/stage of life: I’m having babies late, and these people are at all different ages and stages.
  2. One of the pregnant friends has a boy just about Tommy’s age and sews pretty seriously. The cutest sewing patterns are also for girls, so she’s pretty excited. So am I: I can make her super cute girl clothes and I know she’ll appreciate them.

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