Clothes for girls are more fun

In both of my pregnancies, I was initially certain I would have a girl. The first time, I desperately wanted Tommy not to be a girl.

imageI remember being a little girl, generally with horror over what little girls are like. And they grow up a bit and become tweens, who are much worse, and then teenage girls, who are truly terrifying for their parents (the irony is that I’m pretty sure I was much easier to parent as a teenager than my brother and at least one of my stepbrothers, but I’m not really talking about reality here).

So then I had that 13 week ultrasound, and there was that penis, swinging around for all the world to see. I asked the technician if she was sure it was a penis, because I have a friend who saw a penis at 13 weeks, but ended up with a girl… But yes, she was sure. I was having a boy, much to my relief.

And then before I knew it, Tommy was born and was growing and growing, and I started knitting things for him, and discovered that all the cute patterns were for girls. Ok, sure, baby clothes are always cute, and monster pants or wild thing hoodies and frog suits work just fine on boys. It’s just that boy clothing is so much more limited: adorable dresses, tiny camisoles, and lacy cardigans definitely don’t work.

So when I got pregnant with Miso, I was again certain that I was having a girl, and the 13 week ultrasound proved again that I have no intuition about these things whatsoever[1], and this time I was disappointed… for about 10 seconds. And then I remembered obnoxious tweens, and teenage pregnancy, and screaming matches between mothers and teenage daughters, and 12-year-olds in bikinis that are disturbingly sexy, and eating disorders… And was again overwhelmed with relief.

  1. My brother’s girlfriend is currently pregnant, and he was also certain it would be a girl, and was also dead wrong. I take this as evidence that intuition about gender prediction is bullshit. I realise my experimental design is deeply flawed.

3 thoughts on “Clothes for girls are more fun

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