Ground control to Major Tom…

So I’m here. It’s surprisingly hard to write a first post, considering how many ideas I have for other posts.

I’d like to start a series on other blogs with knitting patterns for little boys, of course. Tin Can Knits comes to mind.

I’d like to write a post about all the people I know who’ve had or will have babies this year, and the things I’m knitting for them (some of which are my designs).

I’d like to write about the socks I’m knitting for my husband, and how long it’s taking to finish them because a) he has huge feet, b) I’m too ambitious, and c) I have too many babies to knit for at the moment.

And then my designs! I’d like to post pictures of the little boy designs I’ve come up with, whether or not they ever get written up as patterns. My boys are cute in their handknits and I’d like to show them off.

But not tonight. Tonight I’ll just say hello, and promise great things, and say goodbye. Or good night.


3 thoughts on “Ground control to Major Tom…

    • Thanks! I’m trying to take designing knitting patterns more seriously (I thought briefly I might want to make a living off it somehow, but I realised I’d miss computers too much).


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